Edinburgh Applications FAQ

Common questions about coming to Edinburgh

We answer some of your frequent questions on applying to be part of the Pleasance's programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Getting programmed at the Pleasance

Where do I start?

We recommend reading our comprehensive Performer Information Pack. This contains a full rundown of what it means to bring a show to the festival with us.


How do I get a slot at the Pleasance?

We programme on a rolling submission basis. To be considered for a slot at the Pleasance you will need to fill out our submission form. This helps us track your process and gives us the information we need to make a decision about your show. You can find this alongside our Performer Information Pack on the Perform With Us page of our website here

We consider submissions from anyone with a great idea. You can be a festival veteran, international touring company or a complete newcomer. You do not have to have performed at the Pleasance before to be part of the programme.


Can I apply with more than one show? 

You are welcome to apply with as many shows as you would like, however we will need you to make a submission for each show you are looking to bring. 


Do you accept submissions from shows that have already been performed at the Fringe?

In the first instance we are looking for work premiering at the Fringe. That’s not to say we don’t programme returning work, however we look to prioritise new work at the Festival. See below on the types of work we programme below.


What kind of work do you programme?

Pleasance programmes a wide range of work across comedy, text based and physical theatre, and family and children's work. We also programme circus, dance and cabaret, but careful consideration is needed to ensure we can meet your technical and space requirements, you can find these here

We prioritise new work coming to the Festival for the first time, often but not exclusively as a World or UK premiere. We often programme returning shows who have been successful in our programme previously, and on occasion will consider a show that had a successful run in another venue, in a previous year. We rarely programme revivals or amateur productions of established texts.

We can also consider site-specific or similar work, but we do ask that you have thought about, and ideally made some inquiries to find a space in Edinburgh that meets your requirements (see more under Pleasance Pop Ups in our Performer Information Pack).


I’m only able to do a short run, will this affect the outcome of my submission? 

The large majority of the shows we present perform for the full festival as we find this is the best way for a show to truly make an impact and reap the benefits of the festival. That being said, we do programme shorter running slots, however these are more difficult to finalise and tend to be confirmed later in the programming process as we need to find work to take the remainder of the slot and time for technical rehearsals to take place mid-festival within a full performance schedule.



After you have submitted

Have you received my submission?

When you made your submission, you should have received a confirmation email with a copy of the form. If you haven’t received this, please check your spam or junk folder in your email account. If you cannot find this, we likely will not have received your submission. 


Can I add information to my submission? 

Yes you can, just respond to the confirmation email that contains the copy of your submission with any updates or supplementary information.


Can I apply to more than one Fringe venue?

Of course. In fact we encourage and expect this, we only have so many slots available and would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity of bringing a show to the Fringe because we aren’t able to offer you a slot. 


Do you operate on a first-come-first serve basis? 

No, we curate our festival programme. As such, we are trying to create a balanced programme with a blend of styles, topics and voices that speaks to a diverse range of audiences. With this in mind, some shows take longer to confirm than others as we properly consider the breadth of work out there.


When will I hear back on my submission? 

We programme on a rolling basis through until the final submission deadline for the printed Fringe brochure in early/mid April. It’s worth noting that some venues and slots take longer to confirm than others. 


I’ve received an offer from another Fringe venue, is it possible to have an update?

Yes, if you have another offer on the table we might be able to give you an answer or indication sooner. You can get in touch with us on [email protected] or 02076196868. 


I have specific access requirements or questions, can I discuss these with you? 

Of course, we are more than happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us on [email protected] or phone us on 02076196868. We also have an Artist Access Guide which provides more information about the accessibility of our spaces for performers here.


Can I have feedback on my submission? 

I’m afraid not, we receive an incredibly high volume of submissions for our Fringe programme and we simply aren’t able to provide feedback on individual submissions. 



About the deal

What is the Pleasance's financial deal? 

Our standard deal is a 60/40% split of the Box Office in the visiting company's favour, set against a minimum guarantee which is based on the Pleasance's share of the Box Office at 40% capacity. The split is 55/45% for non-VAT registered companies. A full guide to the deal can be found on page 5 of the Performers Information Pack.


Are there any up-front costs? 

All shows pay their Fringe Registration fee, Marketing Contra (£600 standard) and deposit at the point of accepting a slot. The deposit is based on your venue's size and duration of your run - a full guide to estimating your deposit can be found on page 13 of the Performers Information Pack.


If successfully programmed, do I register with the Fringe Society?

No, the Pleasance will manage your registration with the Fringe Society and will provide you with a full overview of the process at the point you are programmed.



 Comprehensive information about how we operate, including the deal can be found in our Performer Information Pack.


What if my question hasn’t been answered by this FAQ?

Not a problem, you are welcome to contact us on [email protected] or 02076196868 and one of our team will endeavour to answer your question as soon as they can.