Pleasance Producers

To inspire, develop and empower!

Preparing you for the Edinburgh Fringe

Pleasance Producers is a collection of tailored sessions designed to prepare self-producing theatre companies and emerging producers coming up to Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Pleasance.

By attending our Pleasance Producer sessions you will receive insight into the responsibilities of producing theatre for the Fringe, practical approaches for bringing together and managing a production, as well as being in an open platform to ask questions and discuss your projects. It will also provide you with the chance to connect directly with Pleasance and meet other producers and theatre makers, building up your network of support for the upcoming Fringe. Ultimately we want to support you in your journey towards the Fringe and aim for you leave inspired and empowered to take the Festival by storm!


Pleasance Producers Sessions 2023


  • Thursday 9th March @ 5pm - Marketing (Show Copy/Image), Budgeting and Access. Covers 40/100 word copy for Fringe Guide, advice on lead poster image, pointers on budgeting, raising funds and how to make your show accessible.
  • Wednesday 10th May @ 5pm - Technical. Covers Tech Spec to submit and risk assessment
  • Wednesday 24th May @ 5pm - Marketing and PR. Covers looking at draft marketing plan, paying for advertising, online vs outdoor; writing press releases, doing own PR vs getting an agent, how to work with an agent.
  • Tuesday 13th June @ 5pm - Connecting with Industry. Covers connecting with venues, how to approach them, how to make the most of the Fringe.
  • Tuesday 18th July @ 5pm - Street Team, Arts Industry and Ticketing. Covers Flyering and Ticketing (this will include how to arrange promo codes, press and industry comps, papering, sales reports and more)

For more information on these sessions, email [email protected]