Our vision for achieving net zero emissions by 2030

Sustainability at The Pleasance

We are at a critical moment in mitigating against the ongoing climate emergency. The Pleasance is committed to reducing its impact on the environment over the remainder of the decade, by achieving net zero by 2030 in line with Islington & Edinburgh council's vision for the boroughs we operate in, as well as that of our key stakeholders the Fringe Society & Workspace.

Alongside improving our building and how we operate, we believe our artistic programme has the potential to challenge, inspire and educate around the topic of the climate emergency - shifting viewpoints, bringing communities together and promoting positive change in the world around us.

Below is our policy which outlines our vision until 2030, which will be accompanied by annual action plans setting out our strategy for achiving this in more detail. We are due to publish our 2023/2024 action plan in December. 

We recognise that the targets we have set are ambitious, but we are dedicated to achiving these with careful planning and placing sustainability at the heart of what we do.


PDF icon Pleasance Theatre Environmental Policy.pdf